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The Hero and the Outlaw: Building Extraordinary Brands …

Hard to stop listening. Find your profile. Are you a hero or maverick? It's practical branding! It's an excellent tool for understanding the profound power that lies within the field of branding.

How to Be Like Walt.

This is a fantastic audiobook for students and entrepreneurs. A lesson for dreaming big and act consistently. The greatest gift Walt had was to inspire his team to bring them along in his dream.

David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants.

This is a worthwhile audiobook for students who are in search of meaning. As we are wrestling with what to do with our life, big is slow and small is fast and flexible.

Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens.

An excellent audiobook for teens. It helps kids get an idea of financial independence.

Man’s search for meaning.

Freud believed that the primary quest is for pleasure. Alfred Adler taught is a quest for power. As his work before his time in the concentration camps had focused on depression and the prevention of suicide, he turned his focus to his own survival story and the people with whom he interacted in the camps. Why did some survive and others perish?

The Emyth Enterprise.

A must for an Entrepreneur. Why do most businesses fail in the first year? Terrific information, constructive tips and valuable for small businesses.

Angel - How to invest in technology Startups.

A fantastic audiobook for investors. Future founders could benefit significantly from the advice and get ready for the next negotiation. I enjoyed the description of incubators, accelerators and the pitches strategies.

The 7 HABITS of highly effective TEENS.

I recommend this audio book, it’s not just for teens. The 7 habits detailed in this book would be life-changing if you understand and applied them consistently. A lot of the focus problems and motivation I see in society today could be fixed if we could bring these habits closer to heart.

Rich dad poor dad.

I just finished listening to this book, which has left me feeling angry about all the debt I've led myself. Schools should teach financial education this way.

Trading in the zone.

I listen to this book entirely with slow speed to grasp all the gold nuggets. Someone recommended the book, and I'm thankful. The biggest gold nugget is "consistency."


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