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Cash inflow.

Cash inflow it's easy. Hard is to keep the

cash in.

Cash flow forecast.

What do weather and cash flow have in common?

The forecast.

Cash flow cycle.

I like cycling, but I love the cash flow cycle.

Cash Flow.

Let people know what your brand is about. This is your opportunity to talk about What a Dj and cash flow have in common?

The flow.

Capital expenditure.

What capital expenditure and elephants have in common?
They are big and are here for the long term.

The business plan.

You are dreaming of the business plan every night. Are you not concerned?

No. I'm living the dream.

The business objective.

The business objective is like a map. I checked it every time I lose my direction.

The business cycle.

Understanding the business cycle is easy; hard is to keep balance while cycling your business.

The business.

Business is like a flamingo. They are both pink but hard to run.

The Buffer.

Our buffer inventory is so low that we switch to Just in time.

Be like Walt (1).

“Everything Walt achieved in his life was something he was told he couldn’t do.”

How to Be Like Walt: Capturing the Disney Magic Every Day of Your Life (p. 16). Health Communications Inc. Kindle Edition.

Be like Walt (2).

Only when we are dreaming big dreams are we truly fulfilling our God-given purpose in life.

How to Be Like Walt: Capturing the Disney Magic Every Day of Your Life (pp. 62-63). Health Communications Inc. Kindle Edition.

Be like Walt (3).

Become an animated leader.

Be like Walt (4).

Take a risk.

Be like Walt (5).

Dealing with loss.

The even

It's easy to break even with my friend; hard is to build a break-even chart about it.

The brand image.

Why are students successful at business tests?
Because they want to be consistent with their brand image?

The bonus.

Bonus is like a juicy red cherry on top of the salary.

The batch.

What bats and batches have in common?
Bats are flying in packs when they are coming out from the cave.

The balance.

My balance sheet is like a strong coffee. I open it up to keep myself awake.

The average.

Joe has an average life with an average job, average shoe size, and a below-average name word limit.

The autocratic leader.

What does an autocratic leader ask the employees? My way or the high way?

The assets.

Gathering assets is easy; hard is to balance them with liabilities.


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