My greatest mission is to enable students to grow their knowledge and business skills.

Bogdan Manu is a business educator, consultant and mentor. For more than two decades, hundreds of people have benefited from Mr Bogdan's business teachings and training due to his warmth, humour, and transforming impact. He has been asked to provide advice on businesses in the automotive, energy, finance, and hospitality industries. His primary focus has been on teenagers for the past eight years.

► SPECIALITIES: Business Educator: Business Studies (I)GCSE, Business (A level), Business Management (IB)Vocational counselor, trainer, recruiter, ► INDUSTRY EXPERTISE:Education, Hospitality, Digital Marketing ► INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE: United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania. Working directly with clients like: Intercontinental Hotel, Petrom-OMV, Mercedes Benz, IBM, BCR - Erste Bank, Continental Hotels chain, Ana Hotels Chain, Monte Carlo Palace, The Gerald’s Hotel, Eurest, Crowne Plaza, Ramada, RIN Hotels chain, IAKI Hotel, Sky Gate Hotel, angelo Hotel, Hotel International, Caro Hotel, Baneasa Shopping Centre, BILETE.RO