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My taxi driver.

The taxi driver takes me from the office to one of my biggest customers. As I was working until the last minute, I hurry, and the traffic is steady.

-In which domain you work, Mr?

-In advertising

-Advertising? I'm not too fond of all the annoying advertising and not even look at them.

-What phone are you using?

-Apple, of course. It's the most stable and safe in the world.

-Where did you order the product?

-On Amazon, I found the best prices there.

-How did you know that they have the best price?

-I search on google! I'm telling you advertising doesn't work for me.

What is the added value of one potato?

What is the added value of one potato?

A portion of french fries. Yammy

A portion of baked potatoes. Yammy.

A portion of chips. Yammy

A stream of 0.8 watts of electricity. Zzzzz

Circular economy.

An amazing concept that put the entrepreneurs to develop products that will become rubbish in 2,3,4 5 years.

We suppose to concept the product so that it will be easier for us to be reused later.

One great example is the producer of Timberland, who is making the bottom of the shoes using rubber from car wheels.

How we can reduce the waste.

We have examples from chicken farms that use the waste from the chicken as fertiliser and even as a source of gas for heating systems.

What else we can do?

Can the producer of a washing machine create one amazing piece of machinery that could last for a longer period of time and when is not efficient anymore to replace the main component in the same structure?.

Yes, it could be expensive as long as we want to own one. But what if you can just rent it?

Big companies are using this system for printers. They don't own the printers (non-current assets that depreciates) and have current liabilities, which could be easier covered monthly. No stress with repayments at the supplier is coming to repair them.

What else can we do in the development stage to be able to eliminate waste?

Jim’s need.

A man named Jim was dying in the desert.

Water, water, I need some water. But, unfortunately, the sun was up, and the temperature was too high for him.

The mouth was sour; something is passing by—help, help, help.

A traveler was passing on the back of the camels.

The stranger asks: what do you need?

Jim: I want ice cream.

Stranger: Wrong answer. There is a difference between a need and a want. A need is something essential for living and wants non-essential for living.

Jim: I needed water.

Stranger: That's the correct answer.

What is the added value of one potato?

What are you doing for a living?

Mr. Takka met one day in an airplane with a passenger on the flight from London to New York. It was cold inside, and you could feel the smell of the food from the cabin.

Eager to break the ice, Mr. asked:

Mr. Takka: What are you doing for a living?

Passenger: Guess. I'm responsible for creating and checking the accounts.

Mr. Takka: You are an accountant.

Passenger: Yes. After a while. What are you doing for a living?

Mr. Takka: Guess. I'm educating teenagers to learn about accounts.

Passenger: Most probably, you are a magician!

Mr. Boston

We as individuals encounter crucial decision moments in our life. As you move to primary, secondary, 6th form, uni and taking different jobs.

As a company, we face different cycles, series, from the idea of the business, startup capital, and creating the first product.

One of the most fantastic tools that business use when deciding about the new turn in terms of marketing strategy is the Boston matrix.

The tool gives us the chance to see what is the potential of our product. Is our product still in demand from the actual customers? Can, we expand the look-alike audience among the same target market. If yes, let's squizz the lemon; that will be called market penetration.

If no. Hmm. We have two options: find a new market and a segment interested in our product. For example, if we sell cereal bars and the product declines in phase in our county, we could start selling the product in a different area, market development.

Or we could try to make a different product, chocolate bar to sell to our current customers, that will be product development.

We had market penetration, market development and product development. The fourth and most risky one is to create the chocolate bar and sell it in a different count, a new product in a new market. It is the most dangerous because you do not know the outcome and even the market very well.

Richard Branson is a genius entrepreneur who can develop and sell products using this strategy. Just look at the company's portfolio that he is operating: Virgin cola ( Soft drinks), Virgin Radio, Virgin Airlines, Virgin mobiles, Virgin trains, Virgin records.

Training by example.

I am learning by watching a more experienced worker.

If we have to lead by example, we should have trained by example?

The oldest way to know it's still the most potent and efficient as give a chance to the trainee to model the trainer in the process of acquisition of new skills and knowledge

The transfer could be the level of behaviour, values and even identity.

In the process, we should identify the four stages:

  • front, autocratic, when we explain what, when and why we are doing

  • next, democratic, when we do the task together and reinforce what, when and why

  • back, monitor, we evaluate the progress of the trainee and put leading questions to acquire the skill

  • closed, perspective, we watch the trainee and give feedback as the trainee teach another trainee

Stages could be used in any learning process, from education to delegation.

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